Know about the Use of Symbicort in Pregnancy

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Side Effects of Using Symbicort in Pregnancy

The use of Symbicort can be dangerous for various medication conditions such as heart problems can be increased with the use of Symbicort and use of Symbicort will be fatal in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding because Symbicort can affect infants and unborn babies therefore avoid its use in these medical conditions. The use of Symbicort in pregnancy will not be only dangerous for the unborn child but it can also affect the health of mother and can also lead to the life threatening situations and with the use of Symbicort deaths of unborn babies have been recorded.

Although, physicians usually recommend stopping the use of different types of medications in case of pregnancy but the side effects of Symbicort medication are higher than any other medication. Therefore, if you are using Symbicort and pregnancy occurs then immediately consult to your healthcare provider and inform him or her about your changing medical condition because he or she will guide you in better way about the use of Symbicort during pregnancy and its effects for your child.

The use of symbicort in pregnancy can cause birth defects, therefore if you are taking Symbicort for your asthma problem or COPD problem and during this treatment pregnancy occurs then go to your physician and discuss about its use in pregnancy and also get information about its positive effects as well as negative effects for your baby. The use of Symbicort cannot be stopped in pregnancy because as patient will stop its use the intensity of symptoms of asthma can increase which can be fatal for patient. As we know that asthma is a heretic disease therefore there are chances that baby of patient will be also infected and to reduce these chances, use of medication for management of asthma is very essential during pregnancy.

The Use of Symbicort can become Cause of Miscarriage in Pregnancy

The use of Symbicort in pregnancy can also increase the risk of miscarriage, although it is fatal for unborn baby but its use of very beneficial for asthmatic mother and do not consult to any ordinary healthcare provider but always go to asthma specialist because they will suggest those medications which will be beneficial for both mother and baby. Some physician recommend low dosage Symbicort for pregnant ladies but this is not safe for unborn child therefore completely avoid this medication in pregnancy.

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Some physician believe that use of Symbicort in pregnancy should be continued because its positive effects outweigh its negative effects therefore they are in favour to continue the use of Symbicort for pregnant ladies but this is not right. According to FDA, Symbicort can cause the permanent birth defects among ladies therefore avoid its use during pregnancy because deaths of pregnant ladies and their unborn children have been recorded due to the use of this medication. Therefore, if you are taking Symbicort for asthma and you are planning for pregnancy then consult to your asthma specialist to know about risks of using this medication in pregnancy.

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